Flickery – Another Approach to Web Photo Sharing

By Dan Hinckley

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3B699646-148D-4316-93EC-34F86D032981.jpgOur previous article discussed a convenient way to share photos on your Mac using iPhoto and the Picasa Web Albums plugin. But Picasa Web albums isn’t for everyone.

Flickr is one of the most popular websites for hosting and sharing your photos with friends, family, and the world. A new application, Flickery, aims at moving your photos to the web quick and easy.

Flickery: Main Features

Flickery’s main focus is to make adding photos to your Flickr account quick and easy. It shines its ability to resemble the features that Flickr users have grown accustomed to while adding photos using the web client.

When first loading Flickery, the application will ask you to Authorize your account with Flickr. This process was quick and easy and I really appreciate the Flickery developers adding a clear explanation of what I was doing when I authorized my Flickr account to work with the desktop application.

After logging into my Flickr account, Flickery quickly pulled forward a search of random recently added photos to Flickr from various random users. While a small feature, it quickly left an impression that the application was quick and capable.


I was a bit disappointed that Flickery wasn’t capable of integrating in my iLife media. I think that the ability to drag and drop Events from iPhoto would be a wonderful addition to the Flickery Application. At this time however, you can only add pictures by selecting upload and then dragging and dropping from iPhoto or a saved photo directory. Access the iPhoto package in your Photo folder is not currently supported.

Although adding pictures to upload to Flickr wasn’t as easy as I hoped, the ability to edit file photo names, descriptions, and add tags worked very efficiently.

Once I had described my photos I started the upload process. At the same time I launched Safari and navigated to my Flickr account page. As each photo finished uploading from Flickery, it appeared instantly in my Flickr account.

The only problem I had was grouping the photos I selected into a set before uploading… Once the photos had all been uploaded, adding them to a set worked perfectly.

Still in Beta

As I mentioned earlier, the application seemed to be messing some powerful features but I must remember the application is still in beta. In fact, the beta ends June 30, 2008. I imagine the little bugs that are still present in the system will work themselves out before the applications reaches v1.0

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