3 Best Apps for Finding Your Next Car

car buying

Whether or not you’re into cars, buying a new (or new to you) car can be laborious and stressful. Finding the right choice can take a lot of time and energy – research is often tedious and there’s no guarantee that all the information you’ll find will be accurate or even unbiased.

Lucky for car buyers, there are a few services that offer reliable and accessible information to help make your next car buying experience as painless as possible. Here are three apps that will make your next purchase smooth sailing.


A ‘must have’ when it comes to car buying. Use your zip code, a search radius, and a few keywords like “2017 Honda Accord” to find where your car is offered and the price the seller is asking. The app can also calculate how much you’ll be paying for your car in the long run. CarMax offers apps for both iOS and Android, and if you really aren’t into mobile devices, their website is also user-friendly and offers the same features.  The downside to CarMax is that all the prices are set, so if you like to bargain, keep moving and check out the next on the list.

Kelly Blue Book

Also known as KBB, this is the go to app for used car buyers. Just plug in your year, make, and model and out pops the KBB estimated value of your car. The app even lets you detail what trim, paint color, transmission, and other packages your car has so that it can calculate the value of your vehicle with better accuracy. Among other features are owner reviews and video reviews. These can come in handy when assessing things like reliability and other characteristics you may not be able to judge in person.


Much like KBB, Edmunds is the other go to when looking for a car. The app is simple and easy to use and gives you metrics like pricing, inventory, safety rating, and more.  Edmunds will even help estimate the long term cost of owning the vehicle in question (yes, there is a difference between a Honda and a Ferrari). Also, no matter if you’re looking for new, certified or pre-owned or used, Edmunds will be able to provide pricing.

So, next time you’re in the market for a car, make sure you have these apps at your disposal. You’ll save time researching your options, save money by having access to accurate prices, and most of all, you’ll be more confident heading into your next purchase. Car buying doesn’t have to be a hassle; let these apps work for you and go into your next purchase well-informed and relaxed.