3 Tips for Better Smart Home Security

There’s always a need to feel secure in your home, and not having that feeling can be a consistent cause of stress for an individual or a family. With our ever-increasing technology, including many smart devices, there are more ways than ever to protect your home while you’re there and while you are away.

Home burglaries are not always 100% preventable, but there are ways to mitigate your risk. While correlation does not always mean causation, it is interesting that home burglaries have been on the decline in recent years and interest in smart home security has risen dramatically, according to a new study by Elitefixtures.com. But while these security systems can be a boon to the protection of your house, they can also be vulnerable to clever thieves as they can be hacked and accessed. The good news, however, is that there are a few ways to help protect your devices.

Use multiple secure passwords

Password management is a necessary thing in today’s society. While it can be difficult to keep track of, having multiple passwords for different devices mitigates the chances of all devices being compromised. As long as you use strong passwords for each device, the chances of a hacker or a thief being able to get into multiple of your devices is low. Use a variety of passwords and alternate them accordingly.

Don’t use public wifi to access your devices

This is advice that applies to more than just your smart home security devices. Public wifi gives an easy outlet for hackers to access your information or steal your passwords. Each time you log into an account or a device while on public wifi, there is a chance that someone could be looking to snipe your data. So with that in mind, it’s generally a good rule of thumb to not use public wifi for any sensitive or personal information.

Keep your wifi network secure

Along with avoiding public wifi for personal information, it is also important to make sure your home wifi is secure. Make sure you have a password and that it is not the default password for your router. Some experts suggest creating multiple networks and to have your smart devices connect to the secondary network instead of the primary.

Smart technology can be wonderful and when it comes to home security, it can add a layer of protection and help give you presence of mind. While, unfortunately, home burglaries cannot be completely prevented, and smart devices are not completely secure, there are steps you can take to reduce your risk.