Apple’s “Let’s Rock” Preview

Earlier this week, Apple sent out invitations for a Special event they’ll hold on September 9th. The event has been titled “Let’s Rock” and seems to be focused around updates to the iPod line and iTunes software. Rumors started even before the event was officially announced about what Apple may announce at the media event.

iPod Model Updates

It seems now clear that Apple is going to once again make a change to the physical model of the iPod nano. The boxy square model seems to be cut and will be replaced by a taller “wider screen” model. Initial pictures of the device everyone expects to see was displayed on the webiste of Kevin Rose, found of

Shortly following the announcement by Kevin Rose, other sites began to come forward with information that makes the modification claims to the iPod nano model seem valid. claims to have the dimensional blueprint of the new iPod nano and modified iPod Touch that many expect to be announced on Sept 9th.

While holding a media event to just announce modifications in dimension and size of the the iPod lineup seems a bit over board, it does appear that iTunes will also be upgraded to version 8.0

iTunes 8.0

Many of the Apple Rumor enthusiasts, Kevin Rose included, also claim that iTunes will receive a major upgrade to an 8.0 version. Many expect to see a new feature that will select music from your iTunes library that goes best together, and of course, make recommendations of songs you don’t own that fit perfectly with those you do own. It seems like they’ve found a way to capitalize on the Music you may like ideas of internet radio

Other iTunes 8.0 new features may include new User Interfaces such as grid view, HD quality TV shows, and a new music visualizer. It would be great if iTunes 8.0 included a way to sync over a Wifi network or through bluetooth so we didn’t need to plug our iPod Touches and new iPod Nanos into our machines to get updates.

Lets hope that the iTunes updates includes more DRM free music from the Apple Store. Others are hoping for a subscription service, but I still don’t see the benefit of paying to use something I really want to “own”.

One More Thing?

It has been a while since we’ve heard the phrase “One more thing” from an Apple product presentation, and now may be the perfect time. While I imagine that the iPod announcement will include major price reductions, I really hope for a new product from Apple. They mentioned in previous earning calls that they had a number of new unique products to offer this year and announcing a relase of such a product in time for distribution during the Holiday season makes sense.

Patent followers have reported on a number of Tablet based technologies patented by Apple recently, as well as desktop and laptop ideas that include camera views of your hand gestures on a computer.

It would be very interesting and exciting news if apple had a product ready to take advantage of some of these patents.  What do you think Apple will announce next week?