3G iPhone Availability

iphone - Google Image Search.jpgTo continue our recent theme of iPhone related posts, I thought I’d comment about the iPhone availability. Recent reports have stated that the iPhone was sold out across most of the Apple and At&t stores .

If you are one of the few lucky individuals that plan to purchase an iPhone and still have some available at your local Apple store, be prepared to wait in line. Long lines.

Today, I ventured to the Apple Store in Tysons Corner Virginia to see if they had any iPhones left available.. And I was shocked to see a line of over 100 people waiting in front of the Apple store waiting for the phone. I didn’t expect that many people to be waiting in line in the middle of a Friday, but Apple store employees were helping invididuals in a few at a time to purchase and activate their iPhones.

So, while supplies are short at many Apple stores, it appears that the stores that still have an iPhone, have plenty of them to sell.
If you’d like to check to see if your local store has iPhone available to purchase, visit the Apple Availability site after 9pm to see what stock is available for the next day purchase. Additionally, it appears that new iPhones are being delivered almost every day.