3G iPhone Coming Soon?

The folks over at The Apple blog posted a few articles today about status on the iPhone. We’ve mentioned previously that AT&T has recommended use of the 3G network with the iPhone but now some details about the new phone coming soon come straight from Apple themselves.

First, the 3G iPhone preference is included in the Beta 5 Firmware for the iPhone. This is a feature that you can turn on or off and instructions list that using 3G will decrease battery life.

Second, the online Apple Store is currently listing that they are out of 8gb and 16gb iPhones. This usually means that Apple has stopped selling the current model as the new model is just around the corner.

The Apple Store (U.S.) - iPhone.png

With the developers conference still being a few weeks away, I find it hard to believe that Apple will just stop selling iPhones for most the month of May. Of course… they may just be waiting on the next shipment from their manufacturers.

Either way, I hope to see new 3G iPhones sooner rather than later.