5 Apps to Help You Create Insta-Worthy Pictures

iphone with instagram images

Once upon a time, in a land far, far, away, someone had to take a picture with a real camera. Afterward, they’d have to bring the reel of film to a pharmacy like Walgreens that would develop the film for them. And after that, they’d be able to see some of the photos they’d taken. For the most part, though, these photos aren’t the quality of a professional photographer. They were grainy and low-quality.

You probably haven’t seen one of those in a while, right? For the most part, professional photos are available to download digitally. Those photos you took with Santa as a child probably don’t even cost much now, considering our phones have all but made manual cameras obsolete. They’re always in our hands or nearby and far easier to haul around than one of the bulky cameras you’d wear around your neck with a nice little leather strap to hold it on.

Besides, at this point? The iPhone 8 Plus has, according to professional photographers, a better camera than other cameras on the market. It’s no surprise the App Store and Google Play are full of apps which elevate your photos to the next level. Instagram, of course, has become one of the most popular apps of all time but taking the perfect photo takes an astonishing amount of effort.  

Whether you’re looking to step up your IG game or you’re just looking to create better photos, these five apps will help you create insta-worthy pictures that will help set your feed apart.


This might be an app a lot of people are already familiar with because of its popularity several years ago as both a social network and photography app, but it’s more than just filters even though that’s where its power lies. From skin tone to the angle of the photo itself, you can adjust and layer all sorts of parts of the image.


Made by Google, Snapseed is one of the only completely free photo editing apps that works for both Android and iOS. Complete with editing tools and filters, this is a fantastic option if you aren’t looking to spend much on a photo editing app.


Finding the perfect filter isn’t easy. It takes some effort to be able to create a filter you can reuse or that you’re happy with, but with Pixlr, you can build your own filters including effects, overlays, and textures. There are some other editing tools as well, but the ability to create and build your own filters is where this app shines.


Filter-based apps have a reputation for lacking photo editing tools. Litely is no different in that its editing tools are limited, but it has a functionality that allows users to work within the Photos app. Unfortunately, it’s only available for iOS.


If you’re in the business of taking selfies, FaceTune is for you. The fact that you can airbrush your skin in the app has a lot of value, especially if you’re not keen on the red patches on your cheeks, or if you’d like your teeth to appear whiter in a photo.


The expanse of social media has made it so many businesses and professionals do work through their accounts, especially on Instagram. Hair stylists, artists, marketers, scientists – there’s a use for Instagram for any industry or professional, which is to say that they’re using the app for a wide variety of reasons. Canva helps create professional looking graphics that include filters, texture, words, and more. It’s basically like playing dress up for your photos on your phone.