5 Best Relationship Apps

Love Apps

We’ve all witnessed Anthony Weiner destroying his relationship via twitter, but what about those smartphone apps that can actually help couples improve their love life? There are plenty to choose from and they’re a fun, frivolous addition to the more sensible apps on your phone or mobile device.


Tinder is the dating app du jour. Simply log in and you can instantly start liking or rejecting potential dates who are located within 50 miles of your current location. Tinder accesses some of your Facebook information to let you know if the guy or girl shares any mutual friends with you, and their exact distance from where you are. Based entirely on looks, the app is like a digital “hot or not”. If you like someone and they life you back – it’s a match. You’re free to send personal messages to any of your matches. It’s a fun way to meet people or, at the very least, check out some eye candy.


Snapchat lets you send naughty pictures to your significant other without the risk of the images ending up in the wrong hands. Snap a photo, send it to your beau, and he or she can only view it for up to 8 seconds before it is permanently deleted from the phone. Say cheese!


The couples app that can help you keep your relationship awesome. Kahnoodle lets you sent IOU’s and digital love coupons to the object of your affection. You can offer to do naughty or nice favors, but either way it can help keep the relationship fresh. Kahnoodle is basically an abbreviated version of couple’s counseling program like Marriage Fitness. It supports the “good stuff” without drawing focus to the negatives.

The Relationship Calculator

With the Relationship Calculator app, you’ll never forget an anniversary and can provide your lover with day to day updates about how long you’ve been together. This is a silly app but a fun addition to your phone if you’re looking for an excuse to celebrate more than just annual anniversaries. This calculator can tell you how many days, minutes, and seconds that you’ve been a couple. Creepy but cute.

Honey Do

No one likes to nag, but sometimes you just need your significant other to take out the damn trash. Honey Do is an app that lets you send and receive reminders and even give digital rewards when a task is completed. Sending notes straight to your love’s iPhone can significantly increase the odds of a chore getting done and it takes away the uncomfortable nagging component.

It’s great to put some effort into your relationship or using technology to invite new love into your life, but sometimes, issues arise that can’t be fixed with a cutesy smartphone app. If you and your sweetie are experiencing relationship issues, sometimes it’s best to talk through your problems with a professional, like Mort Fertel. In many cases, marriage counselors or even a close personal friend can lend an ear, help improve communication, and repair a seemingly broken relationship.