5 Great iPhoto Plugins and Tools

One of best things about each computer sold by Apple is that its standard software offering includes a version of iLife. One of the best and most used applications in iLife is iPhoto. It has been an essential part of iLife and is one of the tools that make managing your digital media quick and easy on a Mac.

Although iPhoto comes with many great features, it never hurts to enhance its capabilities with a few tools and plugins. Below are 5 great plugins and tools that will help you get the most out of iPhoto.

1. Picasa Web Albums Exporter

Google Software Downloads for the Mac.pngWe’ve mentioned before that Picasa Web Albums Uploader for iPhoto provides users with a quick and easy way to share photos in with friends and family. This is especially useful if you’re not a MobileMe user. Head over to Google’s Mac section to grab the plugin and install it to quickly and easily upload selected pictures from your iPhoto Library.

2. Duplicate Annihilator

Brattoo Propaganda Software - Products.pngIf you’re anything like me, then you’ve been keeping a digital photo library for years. I know my library has moved across a number of computers, operating systems, and platforms and that somewhere along the way I’ve created a duplicate or many.

Duplicate Annihilator is a tool that will look through your photos and determine those that are duplicates. It also gives you a number of different options of what to do with the duplicate files. Running the tool to help clean up your photo collection will speed up iPhoto and make browsing through your pictures more enjoyable.

3. Free Flickr eXporter

Free Flickr eXporter iPhoto Plugin (FFXporter).pngFFXPorter is a Free Flickr eXporter plugin for iPhoto that will allow you to quickly upload and add descriptions to your Flickr account. If you’re a big web 2.0 user and have your own social network on Flickr, sharing your photos has never been easier.

Like Picasa Web Albums Exporter you can select the photos in iPhoto and upload the selection to your Flickr account. The Photos will upload and be accessible by your Flickr contacts.

4. GrowlPhoto

GrowlPhoto is a plugin that adds iPhoto notifications to Growl. If you’re not already using Growl, you’ve been missing out on quick and un-intruding system notifications.

GrowlPhoto - A Growl plugin for iPhoto.png

GrowlPhoto will let you know when your large photo imports have finished and are ready for you to work with. This will make it easy for you to do other tasks on your computer while you wait for your imports to finish.

5. Facebook Exporter for iPhoto

Facebook Developers | Facebook Exporter for iPhoto.pngLike FFXPorter and Picasa Web Albums, Facebook Exporter for iPhoto allows you to quickly share your photos with your friends and contacts. This plugin makes exporting photos directly to Facebook quick and easy.

The plugin includes the ability to add captions, tag your friends, and write a description of the pictures you’re uploading to your Facebook site. After you’ve uploaded your pictures they’ll be included in your Facebook photo section and ready for your friends to see.


Many of the plugins for iPhoto focus on making it easy to share your pictures with others. As the internet continues to expand and social networks become stronger through internet tools these type of plugins make use of iPhoto that much more enjoyable and useful.

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