5 Must Have FREE Music Applications for the iPhone

Since the release of the iPhone 3G thousands of applications have been created for the ever increasing market of iPhone and iPod Touch users. There are plenty of great applications, but also plenty of applications that are a waste of time or serve no real purpose.

We’ve found that some of the most impressive iPhone/iPod Touch applications are those that make the devices better iPods. Below are 5 must have Music applications for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

  1. Applications.png Apple’s Remote – One of the first applications available when the iTunes store first started offering iPhone applications. Apple’s Remote turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a remote control for both iTunes and your AppleTV. Sync up the device, select music, change the volume, and create Genius playlists.

    This application shows how dynamic your iPhone can be and how utilizing network devices. I personally had plenty of fun changing iTunes selections while my friends and family tried to figure out what my computer was doing.

  2. Applications-1.png Last.FM, Pandora, AOL Radio – No matter what your internet radio choice is, the iPhone got a whole lot better with custom applications from Last.Fm, Pandora, and AOL Radio. Each application allows you to listen to streaming music from stations of your choice. One of the weaknesses of the iPod was its lack of local radio access. While the problem still exists, the addition of Internet Radio streams is a solid alternative.

    I personally, prefer Last.fm as my personal music station plays more and more music that I prefer based on the music I listen to in iTunes as well as on my iPod.

  3. Applications-2.pngSimplify Media – Combined with its desktop application, Simplify Media lets you access your entire music collection from your iPhone.

    No need to buy that 16gb model if you’re worried about not having most your music collection when you’re out and about. Unless you’re going to be processing a lot of data, your Streaming collection through Simplify Media should work great.

    Additionally, Simplify Media lets you connect to the music library of 30 of your friends. Now your social connections can help you find new music you may want to add to your personal collection.

  4. Applications-3.pngTap Tap Revenge – This game is as close as we currently have to a Guitar Hero or Rock Band for the iPhone (I imagine both of those games will eventually make their way to the mobile device).

    Test our your music rhythm and tapping skills by following the beats that are played through this highly popular iPhone Game.

  5. Applications-4.png Top 40 Chart – Find out what’s new and hot on the Top 40 Chart applications. View the current tracks and click through to purchase them in iTunes.

    The Top 40 Chart lets you stay up to date on the hottest music and add the pieces to your collection that fit your musical preference.

The iPhone/iPod Touch became a much better iPod with the addition of applications for the devices. It allows for the capabilities to dynamically update based on the ideas and trends of the time. Music is more enjoyable and interactive than ever before because of these applications.

Which Music applications (Free or Fee) do you enjoy most?