5 Reasons the iPad is a Great News Reader

The iPad is the most successful tablet on the market. One reason it is so successful is because you get everything with the iPad. It can be utilized as a music player, a gaming device, a movie watcher, and even as a second monitor.

Due to the amazing success that the iPad has had, there have been many different tablets popping up trying to duplicate the iPad’s success. Up until now, this has not happened. The iPad consistently outperforms other tablets across the board on many different levels. One aspect that I particularly like about the iPad, is the usability it provides as a news reader. There are many different tablets that offer similar attributes as a news reader, but I am going to tell you why I think that the iPad is the best.

1. Flipboard

Flipboard is one of the best reasons for having the iPad as a news reader. Flipboard is an application that lets you read the top stories from around the world, provided by the best online media outlets. You can chose through a wide variety of magazines, or news publications and browse various stories.

One of the cool aspects of Flipboard as well, is that they mix your social media sites in. This means that Facebook statuses, and twitter updates will be displayed in a magazine format, and this a great way to check out the top stories from your friends. Best of all, this application is free!

2. iPad Usability

The iPad is a great news reader first and foremost because of the usability of the device. It is light weight, thin, fast, and has friendly finger functions like zoom in. You can also bookmark you favorite news sites, and use a number of different browsers that suit your preferences.

3. iPad Accessories

The iPad has a wide array of different accessories to maximize utility for users. Now this might not seem immediately important for news reading, but what if you want to read your news while eating breakfast? An iPad stand is perfect for that. You can even use an adapter to display your iPad’s screen across your TV. This is prefect for watching news videos, or browsing through many different articles.

4. News Applications

Apple’s app store has the largest number of applications for tablets devices. This includes the number of news applications. Whether you want an application for a particular news network, or for a certain newspaper the iPad can offer you that. The iPad also lets you group all your news apps into one section or onto one page so that you have all your information in a familiar setting.

5. 3G Network

The one thing that sets the iPad apart from many other tablet devices is the ability to use the internet on the run through a 3G network. This lets you read the news on the go and always stay on top of current events. The Kindle Fire has had a string of rumors talking about how they may adapt the same 3G service, with AT&T, and possibly for free. However this is very unlikely since AT&T’s 3G service for tablets is very valuable. There is nothing in the foreseeable future that implies the service will be provided for free.

The iPad is a great device as a news reader. You have an application for essentially every news outlet, and the usability of the iPad makes reading easy and fun. Accessories will help you to read your news how you want to, while a 3G network will allow you to read your news where you want. The iPad is arguably the best news reader and may also be the best at everything else you want in a tablet.

This article was written by Ben Anderson. Ben is an Apple product enthusiast and likes to stay up to date with current events as well as the latest news stories. He works with www.inetzeal.com providing the best link building service.