5 ways to spot an Apple fan

We all know how to spot Apple fanboys. They wear Apple logos on their clothing, carry bags either from Apple or affixed with Apple stickers and vehemently proclaim their hatred for everything not Apple. But there are a few of us, hiding among the flamboyant ones, that love Apple just as much as they do, but somehow avoid the fanboy tag and are simply labeled Apple fans.

But don’t be fooled, these fans are just as big of zealots as any fanboy, they’re just better at hiding it. I am one of these fans. Since this isn’t Fight Club, I’m happy to share a few ways you can spot people like me. Just please don’t expose them to Windows, it’s still their krypotonite.

1. They subscribe to MobileMe and have for quite some time
I’ve been using MobileMe since it was iTools. When they first started to charge I resisted the urge, then re-subscribed after being given a free account by Apple retail. That was six years ago and I’m still a customer. There do seem to be cheaper, more reliable and better services out there – I can’t name a product that is all three – MobileMe gets my $100 every year. Oh, and this year I upgraded to the $150 Family Plan.

2. They have never owned a PC
The real Apple fan in me just stood up. My family bought a Commodore 64 in 1985, then a print shop FILLED with Macs in 1986 and every computer I’ve owned, starting with the iMac DV, has been a Mac. I even downgraded to a beige G3 tower after my 17″ Powerbook was stolen instead of buying a PC.

3. They usually refer to their laptop as a PowerBook, iBook, MacBook or MacBook Pro
Perhaps this is just our way of showing respect – okay, love – to the products we use, but this group routinely refers to their computer by its proper brand name. And they never, ever get the ‘i’ part wrong. Ever. People who use i-pod or Iphone -ipod and iphone are okay – are dead to us.

4. They put Apple stickers on devices they like, but aren’t Apple-made
Apple fans get a lot of the white stickers from their or friend’s new Mac purchases, and they don’t let them go to waste. You’ll find stickers on my bookcase, TV and water dispenser, but never my Dell monitor.

5. They cringe at buying generic versions of Apple-made products
Every Apple fan wants an Apple cinema display, but few of them can justify the expense. Purchasing my $150 Dell monitor was tough for me, even though the Apple equivalent made no fiscal sense.

Can you think of any others?