6 Reasons To Jailbreak Your iPhone 4

There is no doubt that the iPhone 4 is one of the most impressive smart phones on the market. Its new hardware and improved software make the device a must have for many. But, while many focus on the positives of the iPhone 4, others are disappointed with what you can’t do with the device out of the box. There is a solution to help users get all the functionality out of their iPhone 4 and now that its officially legal, there is only the threat of a voided warranty keeping some from adding features to their iPhone.

To make the decision a bit easier for you, and to help you make the jump to a more “open” iPhone, we’ve provided a small list of features below that allow you to add functionality to your iPhone. If you haven’t already jailbroken your iPhone or updated to version 4.0.2, you’ll need to do so in order to take advantage of the features detailed in this article.

1. Tether – Your iPhone Keeps You Connected

After you’ve jailbroken your iPhone, you’ll be able to easily add new applications through services like Cydia or Rock. After you’ve installed these applications you’ll be able to use them to download for trials or purchase apps like Tether. Tether does just what it says, it allows you to tether your 3G internet connection on your iPhone to your computer so you can browse the web where ever you go.

It is true that you can enable this feature through AT&T without jailbreaking your iPhone, but for much less than the price of what AT&T would charge you each month, you can tether your iPhone for as long as you keep your iPhone Jailbroken. The App is simple to use and your Mac knows just what to do when its connected to your computer via a USB cable. The price of this app alone and its great functionality is worth a jailbreak to many iPhone owners.

2. MyWi – Turn Your iPhone Into a WiFi HotSpot

If you’re looking for the features of Tether, but want to share that connection with multiple computers where ever you go, then MyWi is just the app for you. After installation and a few configuration steps, you’ll be able to quickly turn your iPhone into a mobile WiFi Hotspot that shares your 3G connection. I found myself extremely thankful for this app during my last vacation to the beach.


After a short thunderstorm knocked out the internet at our beach house, we were able to quickly connect to the internet through the MyWi app on my jailbroken iPhone. This feature has been one that has really encouraged me to keep my phone jailbroken. I’m not sure why its not part of AT&T tethering options.

3. Enhanced Interface & Services

Another benefit of jailbreaking your phone is adding interface gestures. With various apps available through Cydia and Rock you can add functionality like swiping the top status bar to quickly display important settings and options like turning on and off wifi, bluetooth, 3G, and other functionality on the phone. iOS 4 added a lot to the mobile interface with folders and multiprocessing features, but it missed out on the opportunity to take advantage of additional possibilities.

4. Emulators & Games

With a jailbroken iPhone, your phone can quickly become a Nintendo Entertainment System, a SNES, Sega Gensis, and many other classic gaming platforms. Combine your phone with a Wii remote and you’ll have an enjoyable entertainment system with classic games from your childhood in your pocket. There is a lot to say about the ability to play Mario Kart, or Zelda while you wait in line for movie tickets, a concert, or a sporting event.

5. My3G – Trick Your iPhone Apps

We’re not completely sure if its due to potential poor user experience or AT&Ts network, but there are a number of applications that don’t have complete functionality when you’re connected to the internet through 3G. That all changes with My3G that is available on your jailbroken iPhone. My3G makes it so your apps think you’re on a wifi network when you’re not. Thus you’ll be able to use features like facetime when you’re on 3G and not connected to a Wireless network.

If you want a completely functional phone no matter how you’re connected to the internet, then a jailbroken iPhone and My3G is just what you need.

6. IntelliScreen – Enhance Your Lock Screen

Another feature that many iPhone owners wish came standard on their iOS device is the ability for more information on your Lock Screen. With IntelliScreen, you can enhance your lock screen and add widgets like the weather, calendar events, unread email messages, and a complete list of the last SMS messages you’ve received.

You can enjoy all of these information services without sliding to unlock your phone. But be careful, you’d hate for your emails to be read by people that may happen to pick up your phone and check things out without your knowing.



Above are just a few reasons you may want to jailbreak your iPhone 4. If you haven’t upgraded to iOS 4.0.2 and you’d like to enable the features described above then jailbreak the phone and get started. Don’t worry, you can always restore your jailbroken iPhone to factory settings.

iOS 4.0.2 users will have to wait until the next jailbreak options becomes available. It shouldn’t be too long before the hacker community finds a way to open up your version of your iPhone.