A Bit More iMovie

016AC1B0-D363-4280-9DF7-CC835E4A7227.jpgA number of websites posted about this information a few months ago, but in case you’re a new Mac users and haven’t yet heard the news… You can get even more iMovie than what comes out of the box with your new computer.

The best part is, its FREE!

All new Macs come with the latest version of iLife. The main movie making tool in iLife is iMovie, but with iMovie 08 a lot changed from previous versions of the software.

Some of the strengths of the most recent versions of iMovie is that it made making home movies quick, easy, and shareable… But in its efforts to do just that iMovie 08 lost many of the customizable features and tools that made previous versions of iMovie so great.

In what appears to be Apple’s way of accounting for those lost features is to allow all owners of iLife 08 the ability to download iMovie HD for free. So go get your iMovie HD Download now!

Apple - Support - Downloads - iMovie HD 6.jpg

If you want to gain some additional movie making tools for Free, head over to this Apple web page and download iMovie HD.


Use both versions of iMovie to make great home movies that you can quickly share with the world!