A.I. is Everywhere, Even Entertainment

Artificial intelligence is an integral part of our routines, careers, and even relationships. Someone out there – likely, hundreds of someones – are waking up to Alexa’s good morning alarm, trusting Google to run their self-driving car’s navigation system, and using Siri to send a hands-free text to a loved one en route.

So it’s not a great mystery why we also become obsessive with A.I. and all things sci-fi and techie in what we require from entertainment! From the epic science fiction film Dune that debuted last year to a new Star Wars miniseries on Disney Plus every couple of months (think The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett, Obi-Wan Kenobi), we can’t take our minds off the limitless possibilities of technology and what it means for the human condition.

A study by tech marketing software SimpleTexting broke down every state’s most searched tech movie by state by analyzing Google Trends search volume data for “the best movies in technology” in December 2021. Of all the tech movies they analyzed, they found that the most popular overall was The Matrix. Most of the movies that were heavily searched weren’t what one would call mainstream (no pun intended – Mainstream came in second place), but there’s a refreshing throwback on the list that is also kid-appropriate for the younger techies out there who might not be allowed to watch the R-rated Matrix or PG-13 Bloodshot. It’s the cult classic Disney Channel Original Movie Smart House! It was only recognized by this study as a favorite in Connecticut and West Virginia, but it’s got to be a favorite in the hearts of plenty of nineties tech-babies across the nation. Guaranteed if you loved that movie in your youth you’re likely one of those that feel like your aforementioned A.I. virtual assistants are like family!

Now kick back, relax, and tell your voice-controlled smart TV to queue up something sci-fi! Happy watching!