Add Facebook Contact Photos to your iPhone 4S

NOTE: With the latest version of the Facebook App and iOS 6 you’ll need to follow these steps to Add Facebook Contacts and Photos to your iPhone 5.

One of the first things people do after getting a new iPhone is setup their contacts. They will pull in their contacts from their Mac Address Book, sync them with gmail, yahoo, or AOL, and will look to Facebook to pull down even more information about individuals they interact with most.

One of the best things about syncing your Facebook contacts with your iPhone 4S is that you’ll pull down pictures for each of your contacts. This helps bring your iPhone 4S to life as with each call from a friend your iPhone will display their Facebook photo. Syncing your Facebook contacts with your iPhone is quick and simple.

How to Sync Your Facebook Friends to your iPhone 4S Contacts

To pull down your contacts Facebook pages and keep them in sync you’ll need to follow the steps below:

  • Install the NEW iPhone Facebook App from the App Store. If you already have Facebook on your phone make sure its updated to the latest version.
  • The new Facebook App has a slightly different user interface and getting to the screen to sync your contacts and pull down their photos is different than before. Open the Facebook App on your iPhone and click the top left menu button to reveal your sidebar.
  • On your sidebar, select Friends
  • Next, on your friends list in the top right corner is a button that looks like the iPhone “Share” icon. Tap it to reveal the options to Find or Sync Contacts. Select Sync Contacts
  • Next, slide both syncing and replace photos to on and confirm any dialog messages that appear. The app will start downloading images to your iPhone 4S contact list.

After following the steps above your contacts will start to have their Facebook images applied to them. One thing that I’ve noticed is that this process only syncs photos to contacts that you have listed that match the name and email address associated with a Facebook account. If you don’t have that information in contacts, it will not pull down their images when you sync the contact info. It does however add a FB link to each contact.

Now that you’ve synced your contacts and pulled down your friends Facebook images you should be able to enjoy the iPhone “Calling” feature that shows their photo when they call.