Add Games to your iWeb Site

In the past we’ve described a number of ways to add forms, counters, rss feeds, and many other website tools to your iWeb pages. Now following a similar approach you can add Flash games to your site.

Add a Game

To add flash games to your iWeb site you’ll need to embed it like the other objects we’ve added to iWeb pages. HeyZap is a website that offers a number of different types of interesting games and the ability to embed them into your own websites for free. We’ll use this site as the example and walk through the steps of adding the game to your site.

After navigating to HeyZap:

  1. Select the size you’d like the games to be on your site.
  2. Heyzap - embed games on your site!.png
  3. Copy the code in the box listed below
  4. Heyzap - embed games on your site!-1.png
  5. Open iWeb and navigate to the page you’d like to add games
  6. Click Add an HTML Snippet and drop it where you’d like the games to appear on your site. Be sure the box is the same size as the games size you selected earlier
  7. iWeb.png
  8. Paste in the code you copied from HeyZap
  9. Publish the page and your guest should now be able to play the game from your own website

HeyZap is a great site to quickly access free games, but there may be other flash games that can be embedded in your iWeb site. Be sure to follow the steps above for any game that you’d like to add.