Add Gmail Contacts to iOS 5

Millions of people have purchased the iPhone 4s over the last week or so. So many people have purchased the phone and have set the iPhone 4 as the fastest selling phone on AT&T, Sprint, & Verizon networks. With all of these purchases, tens of thousands of people have started migrating their contact information onto their new devices. The process for importing your contacts to your iPhone from Address Book is quick and painless, but if you’re converting from Android or another platform your contacts are all probably stored in gmail. Have no fear, adding your gmail contacts to your iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, or iPad is quick and easy.

How to import gmail contacts to your iPhone

If your entire address book is connected to your gmail account, the fastest way to add all of your contact information to your iPhone is by setting up gmail through their microsoft exchange configuration. Follow the steps below to pull in your gmail contacts to your new iPhone:

  • On your iPhone 4S or iPhone 4, open the Settings app
  • Scroll down to Mail, Contacts, Calendars and select it
  • Next, add a new account
  • At the add account screen you’re going to want to select the Microsoft Exchange option (Yes, this will help import your gmail contacts).
  • Enter your gmail address in the email field. Leave the Domain field as “Optional” and fill in your gmail username (without the and your password. Set the description to Gmail so you know what it is later.
  • Click next, the form will update and now include a Server field. In the server field enter Click Next or Done.
  • It will confirm that you want to sync your mail, contacts, and calendars. Slide these to On for Contacts and any of the other information you want.

Finish confirming the prompts and let iPhone pull down your gmail contacts. Once this is finished and you open your Contacts app you’ll see all of your gmail contacts added to your iPhone. It’s a bit confusing that to be able to easily import your contact information from gmail you have to configure the mail account through Microsoft Exchange but the process is quick and easy. I hope you’ve successfully imported all of your contacts and you’re off ready to use your iPhone!