Add Google Gadgets to iWeb

FCDAF13C-CA4D-4C56-968B-D591AEE599BC.jpgIf you’re looking for a way to add additional outside content to your iWeb pages than using Google Gadgets may just be what you’re looking for.

We’ve described previously how you can combine Google Docs with Sprout to create registration and comment forms on your iWeb sites and Now we’d like to build on those same principles to quickly show you how to Add Google Gadgets to your iWeb site.

Google Gadgets are filled with informative, fun, and unique pieces of information that you may find useful to your site and to your users.

For example, this Countdown Gadget allows you to set specific details about an event that you’re counting down to. Adding this to your site will allow individuals to see exactly how long it is until the next family reunion, the Hulk Movie, or any other event that you want your users to take note of.

Add Gadget to Your Webpage.png

Adding Gadgets

To add these types of Gadgets to your iWeb site navigate to iGoogle. Click the “Add Stuff” button and search for the gadget you’d like to show on your iWeb site.

Once you’ve found the perfect gadget, click to view more information about the gadget and then find the “Embed this Gadget” link to the right under Webmasters.

Add gadgets to your homepage.png

Now you should be able to customize the gadget to fit with your iWeb site. Click the “Get the Code” button and copy the code provided.

Next, open your iWeb site and find the page you’d like to add the gadget to. Add html snippet and past the code into the html field. Your Google Gadget should now appear on your iWeb site and be ready for your use when you publish your site.

What gadgets have you added to your iWeb site?