Adding More Icons to Your iPad’s Bottom Tray

Are you tired of the dominance of those four familiar faces in the bottom tray of your iPad: Safari, Mail, Photos, and iPod? Have you looked longingly and wished that you could have easier access to youtube or thought with much frustration that you don’t have any photos on your iPad, so why would you need direct access to it? Well, if that is the case, then it’s fortunate you’re reading this, because good sir or madam, I have a solution.

With the iPhone and iTouch, you do have to deal with the tyrannical dominance of these icons, but not so with the iPad. The solution is simple.

  1. Open up your iPad.
  2. Hold down an App icon as if you were planning to move or delete a normal App.
  3. Once the App icons start to shake, you are in business.
  4. To move one of the four icons from the bottom tray, just place your finger on top and drag it to banish it forever to the commonplace existence of the rest of your Apps.
  5. To move an App icon to the bottom tray, just drag the one of your choice to the bottom tray and release your finger.
  6. Once you are content with the new view, press the home button and marvel at the independence that your iPad allows you.

You  can have up to six icons on the bottom tray (on the iPhone/iTouch, there just simply is not enough room). This is a nice way to further customize a device remarkable for its user friendliness and manipulability. If you’re dissatisfied with your new arrangement, you can always bring it back to square one and rearrange your icons.

We can only hope that with each update and new product Apple will continue to allow us users to have the kind of experience that we wish to have rather than the one they assume we’ll desire. Apple innovates, but we get to arrange it to our desire.