Adding Political Emoji’s To Your SMS Messages

It’s officially an election year! You can now send your friends and families faces of political candidates via text message and social media.

A series of emoji’s has been created by SimpleTexting, an sms marketing company.  An emoji for each of the contending candidates will allow you to share your support or mock your friends and families political views during each of the primaries.

Each candidate has an emoji that shows them with facial expressions of whether they are angry, happy, surprised, or sad.   Marco Rubio’s sad face is probably being used a lot lately as he continues to struggle during the primaries.

Political Emoji's 2016


The easiest way to use the emoji’s is by installing the Imojiapp on your phone.   Once installed, you’ll be able to access the complete list of Presidential Candidate emoji’s by searching for #pres2016.   Next, select the emoji you’d like to use and past it into imessage, facebook, or other messaging platforms to share the emoji with friends.