Adium: 5 Must Have Extras

If you’ve decided that you need a bit more customizable instant messaging client for your Mac than what iChat offers, Adium is for you. The ability to add extra features and capabilities to Adium is what really makes it a great IM client.

Here are 5 Must Have extra features you can add to Adium to add that customizable feel you want from your instant messaging client:

1. Send TXT Message To Your Contacts

Send SMS / Email – If you ever have the need to send a txt message to a friend but didn’t want to take the time to type out the message and send it from your phone, this plugin is for you. Add phone details to each of your contacts and then right click, send SMS, and enter the message you’d like delivered to your contacts phone. Tell them to jump online, send them a website link, or remind them of lunch the next day!

2. Customize Your Adium Dock Icon

Dock Icons – The possibilities are endless. New Dock Icons for Adium are being added to the Adium website constantly. This lets you add a bit of custom look and feel to your desktop and instant messaging client. Pick from Home, Yoda Duck, and many many more!

3. Open & Close Apps

Opener ‘n Closer – If you find yourself constantly in deep discussions with your friends over your Instant Messaging client but still need to be productive check out this Adium extra. It allows you to launch or close any application on your system by typing a messages in any chat window. Close the apps you aren’t using, or open any application you need for your discussion.

4. Quickly Send Links

Current Webpage – This extra makes it easy to share links to a webpage you’re currently looking at. Once this is installed simpley type ‘%(name of the browser you’re using)’ and a link with the title of the webpage you’re currently looking at will be sent to your contact. No need to take the time to copy and paste.

5. Update Your Status Message

TwitterAdium – Automatically update your status message when you’re away from your computer. Let your friends online see that you’ve gone for a bit to eat, are out at a party, or in the middle of class. With this Adium Extra, you can have your status message automatically display your latest twitter message. Send a txt update of your status to twitter and your Adium client will update your status message!

These 5 Extras add some great customizable feel to Adium but there are many, many, more extras that may just have the feature you’re looking for. What extras do you use? What other extras are a Must Have?