Adium Meets Facebook

By Dan Hinckley

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Adium, one of the best Instant Messaging clients available on Mac OS X, has just added some new features with their latest release. These features include:

  1. Complete redsign of the Contact Inspector (formerly the Get Info Window)
  2. Added Facebook Chat Service to Adium
  3. Added a search field to the Standard Contact List Window
  4. Switch to MSN-Pecan, a new MSN library for libpurple
  5. Major performance improvements, especially with signing on multiple accounts simultaneously
  6. Tons of improvements and fixes

For additional details about the latest updates visit the Adium Version History page.

Most notably of all the changes is the addition of the Facebook Chat Service. Now you can chat with all of your Facebook friends that are checking out their latest social site.

To Add Facebook to Adium:

  1. Download the latest version of Adium, or update your current Adium software
  2. Select Adium and click File on the Menu Bar
  3. Click Add Account and then Facebook
  4. AdiumScreenSnapz001.png
  5. Enter your facebook account intformation and click ok
  6. Edit Account.png
  7. Verify that the Facebook friend list has been added to the bottom of your Adium contact list. You should now be able to chat with your Facebook friends via Adium

Check out these other Adium plugins/features that help make it a great Instant Messaging client.

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