Adobe Air: Web Technologies on Your Desktop

Adobe - Adobe AIR_ Showcase applications.jpgRecent years have sign a continual growth in new and amazing web technologies.

Applications have been developed to make communication easier, to share media, and to provide endless amounts of information to people looking for it.

Adobe has been so impressed with the web technologies that have been developed that they developed a way to bring all these web technologies to the desktop. Adobe Air does just that.

One of Adobe Air’s strengths is that it allows developers to write code that works on all operating systems… Windows, OS X, and more.

If you’d like to check out Adobe Air, head over to the Adobe product website to download the technology that will allow multiple applications built on web technologies to run on OS X desktop.

twhirl - a twitter client | twhirl.jpg

After you’ve installed Adobe Air. I suggest trying out Twhirl, an Adobe Air application that brings your twitter experience to your desktop.

dhinckley - twhirl 0.7.5.jpg

Additionally, Twhirl adds some basic functionality to make sending Twits to your friends and followers as well as make some as favorites. Send links, pictures, and your basic twits without having to launch Safari.