Allow myself to introduce myself

You may have noticed over the past few weeks that we’ve had a number of new writers here at Maciverse. Over the next week or so We’ll be introducing you to the new team members so you can get to know the writers. First up is Tyler!

I am the geek your geek could be like.

My name is Tyler Hurst and I’m one of the newest writers here at Maciverse. I come highly recommended from at least one person, can attest to owning and using both the first color Mac (Mac II) and one of the rarest Macs (Mac TV) and even did a stint with Apple retail. I’ve owned or used every Mac since the Plus, but I never bought a clone. I even tried to avoid purchasing a non-Apple monitor recently, but my fiscal sense brought me back to reality when I accepted that most non-designers just don’t need the clarity $700+ can bring you.

I’m also big on both pop culture (what movie is the headline from?), internet memes (you have to know the lede) and have an opinion on nearly anything Apple. I’m an Apple fan and a realist, having used Apple products, for better AND worse, since 1986. I’ve never owned or used a non-Apple computer unless forced to for work – and even then I used Safari and iTunes, ha!

But I’m not blind to Apple’s missteps, nor do I buy every product they release. I’m a fan of great design, excellent usability and product quality of the highest degree.

Expect to hear both rants and raves, as I’m so wound up with Macs that I treat them like family; quick to praise, nearly as quick to criticize, but always with the understanding that it will usually work out if you treat each other with respect.

But enough of that. You came here to learn more about Macs, so I’ll tell you what I use regularly.

1. 13″ MacBook Pro
Workhorse computer. As a writer, I need portability more than I need power, but I dabble a bit with video, so the MacBook Pro seemed the obvious choice. It’s the latest model.

2. iPhone 4
I’ve owned the original iPhone, the iPhone 3GS and now the iPhone 4, each in the lowest memory capacity available. It is the first and only smartphone I’ve owned and I use it for nearly everything. I’ve never broken or dropped one, nor do I jailbreak my current iPhone.

3. Mac Mini
2.0ghz, Core 2 Duo, the previous model. Purchased by my girlfriend, the Mini is hooked to three hard drives and our LCD TV. Currently serving as her main computer and our media center.

4. Airport Extreme
The latest, n-enabled model. Huge wireless speed upgrade from our last one, especially for Time Machine. It’s hooked to a one terabyte hard drive that backs up my MacBook Pro and the Mini.

5. iPad
Traded a domain name for a 32gig iPad about a month after they came out. This one is used mainly by the girlfriend, as I haven’t found a regular use for it.

6. iPod Shuffle (2G), iPod Nano (2G)
Both bought for running and then Nike+, but I tired of having so many wires.

Nice to meet you, Apple fans.