An Academic Advantage

A few days ago Apple made a decision to remove itself from an environmental rating list that it helped create. Now the company appears to be have changed its mind and is returning it’s products to the EPEAT list. It appears that one of the major reasons that Apple changed it’s mind is that a number of major governmental organizations and universities used the EPEAT list as a requirement for those purchasing computer equipment for their organizations.

Personally, I’m glad that Apple returned to the list so that many students can gain the academic advantage in their educational development (quick note:  The Academic Advantage is hiring, details here.  And social media links for them here). Apple recently made a huge push with their iPad and iBook Authoring software to make it easier for educators to create their own text books as well as for students to learn in new and different ways. For many students, this type of learning wouldn’t be possible because the public schools or state colleges they were attending wouldn’t be able to purchase these products because of purchasing requirements that included selecting up to 95% of products from the EPEAT list.

Does the iPad Offer an Academic Advantage?

Now that Apple has returned to the EPEAT list they can get back to focusing on how the iPad can help shape the future of education. One of the major tasks that Apple needs to complete is showing that these new digital textbooks created with their software for their hardware actually helps improve education. One of the best ways to do so would be to partner with organizations and show how students that uses these devices perform in school and standardized tests.

A fact based study that shows students improving in school and standardized tests would go a long way for Apple as they work to have their devices used in more schools. I’m sure there is even educational grant money that would allow public schools to purchase more iPads and Apple computers if they do in fact help improve learning amongst students.

Hopefully, Apple can continue to focus on building products that revolutionize the way we live our lives, and do so without sidestepping environmental standards.