An Apple Holiday Wishlist

Its that time of year again and everyone is anticipating the upcoming deals that Apple and other retailers will offer to consumers this holiday season. Rumors have already started about leaked Apple ads showing huge discounts on iPods, Macs, and other Apple products on Black Friday to help convince people to buy Apple products for Christmas and Hanukkah this year. I am always a sucker for Apple products and so, this year I share with you my holiday wish list:


  1. Apple’s Magic Mouse – We’ve discussed before how easy it is to setup the Wireless Magic Mouse. Its unique look, feel, and functionality fits perfectly with an iMac or use on a Macbook Pro while at a desk. I could use a few more of these mice to make sure that my Christmas is optimal.
  2. Macbook Air – I was lucky enough to work with a Macbook Air for a few months, and I stand by my opinion that it was the best notebook I had ever owned. I love small, mobile, thin notebooks because when I’m on the go I don’t need a big heavy powerful computer. I need something to be agile with me. I let my iMac and other desktops do the heavy lifting for me. If the price is still a bit steep for a notebook, check out Refurbished Macs as they are a great way to get a high performing Apple product for a lot less money.
  3. Apple TV – You may have noticed that there haven’t been a lot of articles on Maciverse about the Apple TV. Mostly because we don’t own one. I’d love to play around with the device, increase my digital movie library, and sit back and relax as I watch HD movies on my TVs around the house. We’ve been getting by with Rivet and our Xbox360 as a way to send movies from our Mac to our TV and it has been working great, but I’d love to drop Boxee on an AppleTV and take it for a spin. If you’ve got one sitting around and don’t think you’ll use it, be sure to send it our way for the Holiday Season.
  4. A New iPod Touch – I already have an iPhone and the first generation iPod Touch, but I would love one of these devices with external speakers. My son loves playing games on the iPod and it not having external speakers is a real downer. Thankfully Apple solved this problem with the latest generation iPod Touch. Now I just need one for Christmas.
  5. An Apple Tablet – I know this device isn’t available yet, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting one this Holiday Season. I’m sure at this time next year the product will be available and you’ll see this at the top of my list. Maybe instead of having our kids send Christmas letters to Santa this year we can have them write letters to Steve Jobs requesting the Apple Tablet.

As always, its an exciting time of year. Apple seems to benefit most during the Holiday seasons and does an excellent job making sure that their products leave the stores and end up under our Christmas Trees.

Let us know what Apple Products you’d like most this Christmas season in the comments. We’d love to hear about it.