An iPad Stylus Worth Using

Steve Jobs has strong feelings about Touch Screens and the use of a Stylus and he hasn’t kept it a secret.

Its like we said on the iPad, if you see a stylus, they blew it….

Steve Jobs and Apple don’t see a pen-like device in the future of Touch devices, but that doesn’t mean that everyone agrees. I know that one of the major things that held a friend of mine back from quickly purchasing the iPad was the lack of a stylus and advanced handwriting recognition software. I suspect that he wasn’t the only one looking for a way to quickly write and take notes on a tablet computer. He eventually gave in and picked up an iPad but he was quick to find a third party stylus to fill his needs.

I’ve received a stylus since first purchasing an iPad myself and can completely understand why my friend was looking for this form of input. If you use the iPad as a note-taking device then typing doesn’t always fill the needs for capturing an idea or lesson being presented to you. A stylus lets you quickly jot notes and draw pictures and has no limits to the ways you capture your ideas and thoughts. A keyboard in many situations can be too limiting.

Griffin’s iPad Stylus

I was lucky enough to receive the iPad stylus I use from Griffin free of charge. They have developed an impressive input tool for use with the ipad that has the weight and feel of a traditional pen but works flawlessly with your iPad and iPhone. The end of the device slides easily across the iPad’s touch screen and I have yet to had the iPad fail to accept the Stylus.


I use the Griffin iPad Stylus for almost all my note taking now and have really enjoyed it for drawing ideas and architecture designs for web applications and services. I can’t imagine even using the iPad in these situations if I didn’t have a stylus to assist with the effort.

Overall, a stylus for the iPad adds another dimension of use to the device. Its only real set-back is that there is no easy place to keep the stylus close and readily to use with the iPad. I often find myself searching for the stylus as I would for a mis-placed pen. Despite this set back, I can’t imagine using the iPad without a stylus.