AOL Desktop For Mac

4587EB10-FC9F-46C0-9A4B-50FEF728C5A9.jpgI’ll be honest, I was once a huge fan of America Online. In 1992 and with my 14.4kbs modem it was one of the most efficient ways to connect to the internet. AOL was one of the first dial up services to offer world wide web support and while it was nothing compared to Google, AOL’s web Spider search engine was great.

Unfortunately for AOL time hasn’t been kind to them. They desperately were late to offering home users broadband internet connection and failed to optimize on their exclusive content.

Additionally, the software they provided to connect to their network and internet was labeled as malware and spyware. It often took over your entire computer and caused more problems than solutions it provided. In fact, it was the number 1 piece of software I instructed people never to install. But, it looks like AOL may have learned from all their mistakes.

Catching Up With The Times

Recently AOL released a new desktop application for the Mac. And unlike their previous software versions it appears that AOL has finally caught on. AOL Desktop For Mac version 1.0 is a small and simple application. Installed it is only 32mb and the application itself is very lightweight.


The application launches quickly uses webkit as the base for its own web browser. Additionally, most of all of AOL’s exclusive content has been moved to the web, so the icons and keyword links launch web content instead of custom AOL content.

So, despite the previous AOL track record and being considerably late in offering a modern solution to internet content, the new AOL Desktop For Mac is worth trying out… for those of you that still have your AOL accounts and miss out on all the Favorites they saved to their account back in the 90s.