App Review: Countdown Timer+

As a parent and a teacher with poor time management skills it seems like I am always trying to keep up with everything on my table. Whether I need to get something done, or know how much time I have to make it to my kids next game, the time seems to always slip away. With this in mind I went looking for something in the itunes app store to help me visualize these spaces of time in between each event. Unfortunately, I didn’t find an app that let me add more hours to the day, but I did find something that could help me with my time management.

The answer I found was the Countdown Timer+ app. This is a clever app which really helped me to create some countdown timers for events which I need to remember. Practices for my kids, Lesson plans due, parent conference, or principal visits to my room all on one app. This app allows you to create multiple counters and place them in multiple catigories. With this I set up a few simple catagories:

  • Kid appointments
  • Meetings
  • Personal
  • School

I first used this app to help me keep track of the time by setting a countdown timer to help me keep track of when I needed to leave to get home to help my children complete their homework. This seems like a simple task, but with my time management skills, this was extremely helpful. Later I used it to help let me know I had 24 mins 30 secs until I needed to get dinner cleaned up and a child to tee-ball practice.

Countdown Timer+ Review

The graphics on Countdown Timer+ are simple but flexible with the ability to choose colors and images for the different tabs of timers. With this feature you can easily color code your tabs and set the most pressing to red, lower priority to yellow, and then the least pressing to green. Customizing tabs is also a featured for individuals.

You can download this app from the app store for Free for a limited time. Often it is available for just .99 cents. I recommend it for any person who is like me and needs to have a visual reminder of how much time you have to get to your next appointment.