App Review: Dash and Bash

Game apps are difficult to get right.  Some are too easy while others are too hard or lack interesting context to keep you playing.  However when I come across a game which gets it right I’m hooked for hours.  Dash & Bash is a game that got me hooked.  It’s an amazingly inviting game that I played for hours once I added it to my phone.  My children did the same once I let them have a go at it.

The games is really a great concept.  There is a duck which they name dash and he races through a course/chapter.  Another character in the game is called Bash,  The beaver is the champion and the duck is trying to beat the beaver.


When you start the game you have a choice to make.  Do you want to race Bash or do you want to compete against the clock?  If you choose the standard format then you are racing the clock.  The faster you go the more stars you get up to three total.  One part I found helpful was the time to get the star is there.  so if you are under a minute then you get 1 star.  you are under 55 seconds you get two and 50 seconds then you get three stars.  I liked knowing what you had to get to get the three stars. The star setting was very familiar as it’s used in a number of other popular games and also allows the player to advance to the next level by passing it with one star or challenge themselves a little more and try to pass every level with the 3 star score.

Great Graphics & Controls

When I first started the game the colors are what stood out to me most.  With the timer in the top corner the controls were very easy to use and explained very well.  You can make Dash fly or you can make him swim under the obstacles.  By eating the fruits that makes Dash go faster and the bundles of fruit makes Dash go twice as fast.  The other objects in the air or water have various effects.  One will splash goo on the screen, and one bounces you off course just to tell you about a couple.  There is something in this game that once you start playing it you really don’t want to put it down.


As I explored the settings of the game there are other items you can add to the race like the different Characters with the winnings from the previous levels.  There are many to choose from and it is another option that add to the experience of this great game.

Dash and Bash is a great game and I look forward to continuing to play it in the future. Head over to the App store to test it out yourself – Dash & Bash.