App Review: GardenMap

I’ll be honest, I’m much more interested in technology and gadgets than spending time in the yard.  But I recently came across an app that I thought would be perfect for my wife. She works at a charter school and spends her entire day teaching students how to take care of a garden. While browsing through the app store I saw the perfect app for one of the essential tasks to maintaining a large garden. An app that helps you plan and map out what you’ll be growing. This app is GardenMap.

First off, GardenMap is very simple to use and is fun to experiment with. After launching the app I quickly noticed the app had a built in guide that was very helpful in explaining what you should expect to see and how to use the many features of GardenMap. I found the guide brief and to the point and the explanations were very helpful in explaining just how I should use the app.

GardenMap Features

However if you are familiar with iOS apps, reviewing the guide isn’t required.  The home screen makes it simple to see what options you have as the gardener.  Some of the main features of the app include:

  • Set the dimensions of the garden you’ll be planning and mapping
  • Ability to save and work with multiple gardens
  • Different Garden Terrain options that include flagstone, gravel, water, and grass.
  • Add third party objects including benches, statues or light posts.
  • Many selections of different types of flowers, shrubs, vegetables, and fruits to add to your garden
  • And many more

GardenMap Review

I’ve spend a few hours with the app and the color and designs which I could put together were fun.  The ability to make it simple and easy to edit was a big plus.  To be able to pick up a patch of flowers and move it to a different location with the move tool or any object is very user friendly.  The patterns were fun to create and it was simple to combine the various plants together in different gardens.

The color and the layout of the app were very easy to use and when I messed up and put something in the wrong place it was easy to move it or delete it without any difficulty. This is a great app for someone who is looking to plan out their garden for the spring. For more details about the app, check out the developer’s website.