App Review: Musaic

I love to do puzzles and I really like to listen to music. When trying to relax I listen to classical music and I found an app that incorporates both classical music and puzzles into one relaxing and entertaining experience. It is called Musaic Box HD and it is available for free to download onto your iPad.

Once I download the Musaic Box app I launched it and jumped into the game. It initially provides a brief explanation of what the app is all about. It quickly explains the settings and then how to play the game. These types of instructions are helpful for any touch based game as they all have slightly different controls.

The overall presentation of this app is colorful and grabs your interest right away. The app offers a lot of different options from the home screen. However I went straight to the puzzles. The puzzle has two components to it. The first is the music and the second is the puzzle pieces. By clicking on the music stand you hear the melody of the puzzle from start to finish. Armed with the melody you start to arrange the music puzzle pieces in the correct positions to create the finished musical composition. It is a very cool concept and when I started playing it I was hooked.


The designers made this appealing to individuals of all skill levels by allowing 2 hints per puzzle. In addition there is there is a lot more to the app than just the puzzel game. The home screen includes items that you can click on various objects to get more of the backstory behind the game. As more and more games are added to the app store, its the small attention to details and extra polish that sets games apart. Musaic has that polish.

THe game includes a set of free puzzels but when you finish them all you’re given the option to purchase more puzzles.

  • $1.99 for 8 additional melodies with 12 hints called endless pack 1
  • $1.99 for 8 additional melodies with 12 hints called endless pack 2
  • Endless packs 1 and 2 at the same time for 16 melodies and 30 hints in three different rooms for 2.99.

Overall I really enjoyed playing with Musaic. Its a smart and clever game that is well made, lets you get started for free and then allows those that love the app additional puzzels to conquer. Be sure to check it out when you’re looking for your next iPad app.