App Review: Picerty

I am not what you would call an organized individual. I love my family and love taking pictures of them but struggle to figure out the best way to organize them and which ones I should share with the world. One of the things I struggle with most is trying to figure out how to display them. Should I organize them in an album and share on Facebook, should I crop a few and share just parts of the photo? All admit that I often wish I had a simple way to share them display them. Like most things, it turns out there is an app for that. Picerty allows you to organize and easily share your photos in a unique way.

For 99 cents you receive the Picerty app that includes a number of base features. The basic premise of this app is prepare and display your photos in a simple collage called a “Picerty.” The way this is achieved is by looking through the photo album on your phone, select the pictures you want to use, and away you go. The app includes two shapes used to frame each individual selected photo is a square or circle.

There are several different filters which you can use to adjust your photos as well. They include:

  • Black and White
  • Sepia
  • Kompact
  • Ruby
  • Infra red
  • Pop
  • Sharon
  • Prefab
  • Rosa
  • Mecca

These filters can be added to each picture individually or all nine selected for the “Picerty.”

Picerty App Review

After you prepare your “Picerty” you can quickly and easily share it on facebook, twitter, or via email. In addition if I want to print one or more of my creations they have a simple link to click on that and I can print my Picerty from my iPhone. I can even choose to make a poster or a sticker.

These posters seem great but the stickers are what got my interest sparked. These are removable vinyl wall stickers. My wife loves to rearrange rooms as often as possible and the ability to just move this from one wall to another with no nail or frame is pretty cool idea.

In playing around with this app I found out quickly I want to have even more options to us like the other shapes, and other settings that are available for purchase inside the app itself. This is a great app and I look forward to continuing to use it to add an interesting collage of photos to my social networks.