Apple Changing Anti-Virus Tune?

Back in May we pointed out that Apple openly stated you need no Anti-Virus Software for your Apple Computers. Interestingly they’ve softened their stance a bit recently.

News has recently broken of a report on Apple’s website that suggests users implementing many different Anti-Virus software tools. Apple in response stated that the report was old and recently even removed it from their site.

But despite the removal of their report, Apple has changed their Get a Mac FAQ.

Below is a screenshot from May’s FAQ:


This has recently changed to their new Security, less Anti-Virus Free and Direct answer:

Apple - Get a Mac - FAQ.png

While most of the content remains the same, Apple is now advertising Macs as Secure computers instead of their previous “No Need for Anti-Virus” stance.

Only time will tell how much an Apple Computer really needs anti-virus software. In the mean time, take advantage of the firewall built into OS X.