500,000 Jobs.. American Jobs

On the back of almost every product that Apple has created is the sentence “Designed by Apple in California”.  Most of those devices also include another sentence: “Assembled in China”.  But, Apple set out today to show that they’re still all about America.

Apple released a report that outlined that they believe their company has helped create over 514,000 jobs in the United States.  That’s a large number and something that is very important to American’s during a down economy.   Add the fact that it’s an election year, and it’s almost as if Apple was running for President.

But unlike many other technology companies that have executives advising President Obama on how to create Jobs, Apple has not been directly connected to the US government.   The lack of relationship between the White House and Apple may come from Steve Job’s candid statement to President Obama that he was heading for single term based on his approach to the economy.   Comments like that aren’t likely to get you invited to the next White House Christmas party.

500,000 jobs is significant because it shows that not only has Apple quickly become an industry leader in creating new products, but that they’re also helping grow the economy and provide more opportunities for Americans as well as those over-seas.   A break down of the numbers shows that only 47,000 of the jobs are Apple employees.

The rest come from companies that create parts for Apple products or help deliver them around the country (Think FedEx and UPS).  Now, I’m not sure how many jobs Fedex and UPS would credit directly to moving Apple products, but on product shipment days those delivery services are especially busy.  Phone messaging systems often add special instructions for Apple customers looking to find where their products are and truck delivery drivers often end up working late into the night.

Developers Are Thankful

Creating and moving products hasn’t been the only way that Apple has helped created jobs. Many have credited the iOS platform with creating hundreds of thousands of jobs. Apple estimates that number to be around 210,000 developers in the US alone. And these jobs have been funded by over $4 billion in revenue that has move through Apple in the process of selling those apps to consumers.

Overall, Apple has been the shining start in America through a down economy and while they do build their products outside of the US, they have not left it behind. The jobs have just shifted from assembly factories to part creation and software developers.

I know Apple has helped me directly with my income, has it helped you with yours?