Apple iPad First Impressions

iPad Arrival

Apple’s iPad release date was yesterday, April 3rd, and the 90,000+ who pre-ordered an iPad were expected to receive their iPad at their homes. I was hoping that the iPad I ordered would be towards the start of the delivery order for the UPS truck that would be bringing it to my home, unfortunately the hours past and by late afternoon I still hadn’t received my iPad.

I checked the tracking status online, but like usual, UPS hadn’t updated the status and I was told that my iPad was still sitting in Kansas City. As the end of the delivery day approached I got a bit nervous and decided to call UPS just to see if they had any information they weren’t showing online.

Sure enough, UPS had an automatic machine that first let me know that “iPad Deliveries would run until 7pm on April 3rd” and after entering my tracking number that my “iPad was on its way to my Home”. After the automated machine gave me the status, I wasn’t exactly sure what “On way to your Home” meant. Isn’t a package on its way to me as soon as the sender hands it to UPS? UPS may play that response to anyone checking on package status. Its a safe answer that is never wrong. I decided to talk to a representative to get clarification on my package and after a short wait was told that the package was in fact on a truck and scheduled to be delivered on April 3rd…. But.

She added a “but” to the end of her sentence that makes me believe not everyone got their packages yesterday. The representative from UPS explained that iPad delivers would not be made after 7pm and if the driver had not reached my package by then, it would wait until Monday for delivery. About 15 minutes after I got off the phone with the representative, the UPS driver knocked my door and handed me an iPad.

Opening the iPad

I opened the package as soon as it arrived and noticed the nice clean, white box that the iPad came it. It has a giant picture on the front with Apps being the focus of the packaging. In true Apple fashion, they were utilizing the iPad Box to help them with their marketing efforts.

iPad Unboxing.jpg

True to environmental efforts, the iPad was safely packaged with as few materials as possible. It is nice to see Apple doing its part to help with the environment.

iPad Applications

Like the iPhone, iPod, and other mobile devices that Apple has developed, the success of the device relies on ease of use and the quality of the Applications developed for the devices. There are already 3,000 iPad apps available in the iTunes store and I imagine many, many more will make their way to use shortly.

iPhone Apps on the iPad

Apple showed off during the initial announcement of the iPad that all the iPhone apps would be available and work great on the iPad also. They did mention that they had solved the resolution problems by allowing the image size of iPhone apps to be doubled. Unfortunately, the quality of the display on these apps is terrible. However, some games look decent enough to play and enjoy. Others just don’t look right and are distracting during use.

The other problem with the iPad running iPhone Apps is that the keyboard input is slightly off. I continually found myself missing the giant space bar, although I have yet to have the same problem on native iPad apps. My typos are more abundant and my words merge together too often on iPhone Apps that run on the iPad.

Native iPad Applications

I’ll be the first to say that I’ve been impressed with every native iPad application that I’ve ran. iPad Apps take advantage of the additional screen real estate and provide extra, useful functionality. Apps that are great in particular are the Pandora Music Application, the Marvel Comics app, and the Sports Center XL app from ESPN.

ABC’s television episode also runs smooth and I was extremely impressed with the quality of video streamed over Wifi connections. It will be interesting to see if each network will make their own application or if Hulu will push into the market and provide a single source solution.

iPad ABC Vidoe SS-1.jpg

It has also been reported that the Netflix App is great also. These applications are another step closer to the end of TV as we know it and a more a la cart approach served over the internet.

iPad First Impression Conclusion

Overall, the iPad is an impressive piece of hardware. More and more websites and platforms are building HTML5 versions for multimedia and video content. These platforms, like Youtube, are served with HTML5 when on other sites and helps make the transition to a tablet or slate PC device easier.

Apple has another winner with the iPad. More and more people will pick up versions of the mobile computing device as they get hands on experience and see how the hardware can be used. New and interesting software will make the device even more successful.