Apple iPhone 3G S Fastest iPhone To Date

Apple have released the immense new iPhone 3GS – the fastest iPhone to date. With twice the speed, there won’t be any time to waste when sending texts and emails as this new 3GS boasts a whole other level when it comes to firing up applications.

With a phone, iPod and internet access all built into one with thousands of apps to explore, you will be far from twiddling your thumbs.

So, where to start? The 3 megapixel camera combined with autofocus creates high quality photos, or if you would prefer to record a video using the iPhone then go ahead. With an amazing 3.5 inch display, you can be confident that you will be doing your photos and videos justice when it comes to sharing them with your friends and family.

If that wasn’t enough, you now have the option to edit your video footage, so if you want to focus on one section of the film you can get an extra detailed look, and you can change the start and finish points to get your footage spot on and straight to the point.

If you were after more fun on your iPhone then look no further, the app store, specifically for Apple, has apps available to download. You are bound to find something that takes your fancy with thousands of apps to choose from. Some of the latest apps available for the 3GS include voice control, where your iPhone recognises the contacts and music from your iPod, so if you want to make a call or listen to a song, all you have to do is ask.

Cut copy and paste allows for you to copy text from other applications on your iPhone and paste in another, or even from the internet. Voice memo allows for any audio recordings to be captured and then shared with others, from your thoughts, memos or music. A new Nike + Ipod app is all about promoting fitness.

The iPhone has built in Nike + iPod support. Place the Nike and iPod sensor (which is available separately) into your Nike+ shoe and you can start your workout. For the more business aware, ‘Stocks’ shows you charts and other financial information for any stock you choose.When you rotate the iPhone, even more detailed information becomes available.

And one of the most exciting apps coming soon to the iPhone is the TomTom. Now you can use your iPhone to help find your way around with millions of roads and routes stored in the memory. You can be sure never to lose your way again.