Apple Shows Sense Of Humor With White iPhone 4

Its been almost a year since Apple originally announced the iPhone 4. Steve Jobs was up on stage revealing the amazing new features and there seemed to be a certain amount of satisfaction in his voice when he announced that the iPhone 4 would come in Black and White colors.

Steve Jobs isn’t one to be called a liar. And although its taken almost an entire year, the White iPhone 4 is finally available to interested consumers. Its unclear what exactly was the hold up for the White iPhone 4, but many have speculated that it was the difficulty of getting the entire device and white button to look good enough for Steve Jobs approval. But what ever the problem was, it appears that Apple has resolved the issue.

Apple appears to have a sense of humor with the White iPhone. is now sporting a “Finally” home page with a picture of the White iPhone. The individuals at 1 Infinite Loop must have read enough articles discuss the lack of a White iPhone to realize that they needed to add some humor to this product release.


Don’t expect long lines or a significant volume of sales over the next few months. Many are still expecting Apple to release an iPhone 5 sometime around WWDC. We are a bit more skeptical and think that the release of the White iPhone is to help hold over consumers until the Fall, when the iPhone joins the iPod and winter product lineup.

Apple’s New Release Cycle

If Apple does move the iPhone to the Fall release cycle and the phone continues to sell well through the Holidays, then we should expect to see that pattern continue. It would give Apple a Spring Announcement that included updates to the iPad, a large Summer event that focused on software and developers, and the Fall releases for the iPhone and the iPod.

Apple of course would update their Mac line-up periodically through the year and would hold an event anytime a major new Mac product was released, like their last Macbook Air announcement.

It will be interesting to see how the rest of the year plays out in regards to when we see new products from Apple. The White iPhone 4 has kept the company in the news, but I still don’t expect to see a lot of these before the next iPhone is released.

Are you planning on picking up a White iPhone 4?