Apple Special Deals

1E8FF50A-401D-4DD6-89BC-80022F0CC14A.jpgIn the past we’ve discussed about some of the special deals Apple has offered for their clearance and refurbished Macs.

Because the special deals and offerings that Apple offers through their online store change with hardware availability, we’ll periodically point out some of the great deals that Apple is offering.

Currently, You can pick up:

  1. A refurbished 15-inch 2.2ghz Macbook Pro for $1,499 (28% off original price).
  2. 15-inch 2.2ghz Macbook Pro with 2gb Ram, superdrive, Geforce 8600m GT and all the other greatness that is included with Macbook Pros all for a low price of $1,699.
  3. A refurbished 20-inch iMac with a 2.0ghz Intel Core 2 Duo for $999.00
  4. A 13.3-inch refurbished MacBook for just $799.00

Head over to the Special Deals section of the online apple store to see all their current deals.