Apple Store’s New Hours

iphone - Google Image Search.jpgWe recently described the long lines and ways to check for iPhone availability before you head out to sign up for that 2 year contract and lovely new electronic device. And despite it now being a few weeks since initial release, the demand for the iPhone is still very, very high.

Insanley Great Mac is reporting that Apple has adjusted their store hours as a result. All stores will now open at 8am to accommodate for the demand.

The other interesting fact is that they’re also increasing Apple Store employees to help customers get in and out with an agreement to spend almost $1700 over two years and the additional $199 for their new phone.

So, if you’re ready to sign over that money to enjoy the benefits of the iPhone, you can now show up at the store at 8am. You might want to be there a bit earlier if you want to avoid the lines. I imagine people will start showing up at 6am or 7am now to be first in line.