Apple WWDC 08 Approaches

The yearly World Wide Developer Conference for Apple is being held next week. It is always an exciting time of year as Apple often uses the event to announce updates in their product line, software services, and give additional details about the technical direction the company is heading.

This year the rumors have depicted the ever coveted update to the iPhone that will bring 3G support as well as software updates to the device. There are additional rumors swirling around the iPhone and the possibility of a $200 price point for an ‘iPhone’ device.

iphone - Google Image Search.jpg

In addition to the rumors around the iPhone, the last week has brought us claims of OS X 10.6 code named ‘Snow Leopard’ being shown to developers. The current idea is that the release will be focused on performance and with the final steps of moving away from the PowerPC processor line. There is also some thought that Apple may start allowing their OS to be run on non-Apple computers. I’m a bit skeptic (although would enjoy the possibility) of this idea as the combination of the OS and hardware sales have been so strong for Apple over the last few years.


While I imagine the previously mentioned rumors will show up in some way or form during the WWDC I’m more skeptic of the possibilities of an iTablet or similar computing devices.

What would you like to see most from Apple at their WWDC?