Apple’s Black Friday 2011 Deals

The most important day to the US economy is tomorrow and almost every major retailer is offering discounts on products to help move merchandise and move their yearly earnings into the black. While Apple posts profits in the first quarter of each year, the company does not ignore Black Friday.

The specifics of this years deals have not yet been announced but Apple has begun advertising on their site that on Friday November 25, 2011 they’ll be offering their products at a discount. In previous years Apple has sold many of their products at about an 8% discount, around $100 off their baseline Macbook Pro and iMacs. A similar discount is available year round to students, teachers, and educational faculty.

It will be interesting to see if Apple includes a discount on their iPads or iPhones this year. Apple has in the past mentioned that the products are already structured to be price competitive so the likelihood of seeing any real discount is low. I imagine that iPads and iPhone purchases may include a iTunes store gift card. This helps new iPhone or iPad owners get comfortable with the iTunes store and start purchasing Apps, Music, and Movies. Apple hopes that introducing this type of behavior they’ll continue to see users purchase through the iTunes Store all year long.

The iPhone 3GS is already available for Free with a new 2 year contract on AT&T and I expect to see many individuals pick that model of the phone as gifts this year for children that in years past received free models of phones on their parents accounts. The iPhone 4 and 4S will also continue to be a top seller for Apple through the Holiday season.

Apple on Amazon

In addition to products being available on for a discount you can often find great Apple product deals on Amazon. For example, before any special Black Friday deals, the 13.3 inch Macbook Air is available for $60 off the retail price at amazon. The iPad 2 is also available for significantly less than if you purchase it directly from Apple.

What Apple Products are on your list this Holiday season? Will you be picking up an Apple Product as a gift for a friend or family member?