Apple’s Upcoming Announcement

It’s Official! Apple has sent out the invitations to members of the media for their traditional September music announcement. This year many individuals are expecting a new, improved, and cheaper version of the AppleTV. Many are expecting the name to also change and continue the “i” tradition of many of their other devices and be known as iTV.

Apple and Steve Jobs himself have on a number of occasions referred to the AppleTV as a hobby for Apple, iTV is expected to reach the announcement this year as “one more thing”. We can expect that the announcement on September 1st to include updated iPods, new music deals, and even potential bringing the Beatles to the Apple Store I imagine what most consumers and members of the media is more details on how Apple plans to enter the living room in a capacity more than just a Hobby.

iOS 4 Update for the iPad

Apple Special Event Taking Place September 1.pngAn iTV announcement would surely be exciting, but I somehow expect that more than expected parts of the event will focus on the success of the iPad. It is about this time that Apple originally planned on brining iOS 4 to the iPad, and there has been continual discussions about even potential for a slightly smaller version of the device. The success of the iPad maybe what Apple rides into the living room.

Some of the most popular apps include access to streaming television shows from ABCs app, the movies provided by Netflix subscriptions and now the discussion from Verizon and HBO about their desire to bring TV to the iPad. If media organizations are doing everything they can to bring television to the iPad, doesn’t it make sense for Apple to leverage the popularity of the iPad to bring Apple into the living room.

A simple docking setup and configuration would allow you to stream content through the iPad on its way to the television. The TV could also act as an external monitor for the iPad and allow for interaction with iOS games, applications, music and movies. Almost everything that many are hoping for with an iTV could be made available with connection of an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch especially if a docking station or connection kit was designed to make the process quick and simple.

Check back on September 1st to see what exactly Apple has to announce and if in fact they will be brining more than a Hobbyists effort to the living room.