Application List on Your Dock

SafariScreenSnapz001.pngOne of the things I put too much effort into is keeping my computers organized. Having too many things on my desktop or dock always frustrates me and it doesn’t take long before I ‘clean’ up my system.

Despite my interest in keeping things structured on my computer, I also understand the need to be able to quickly access the files and applications that are stored throughout your system.

It looks like individuals from the Google Mac team also feel this way as they’ve provide a simple application that sits on your dock and lists all the applications in your Application folder.

For more details, check out the Official Google Mac Blog: AppMenuBoy and download the application Google Code website for Appmenuboy.

So, if you haven’t already started using Spotlight or Quicksilver to launch your applications, then this may just be the addition to your Mac experience that you were looking for.

For new Mac users, this may be as close to the windows Start menu that you’ll get on you Mac.