AR Invaders for iPhone Review

Its well known that I’m an augmented reality fan and rarely pass up an opportunity to pass up a chance to review an App featuring the great technology. The latest app I’ve had a chance to get my hands on that features Augmented Reality is AR Invaders, a game that brings alien invasion to your current location and real surroundings.

AR Invader reminds me of many of the classic movies that feature small alien aircrafts flying in and attacking locations around the world. The promotional video below also mimics that feel.

AR Invaders from Soulbit7 on Vimeo.

First Impressions

AR Invaders for iPhone.jpg Like many other Augmented Reality games I quickly enjoyed the feel of being in the game instead of looking at it. My iPhone acts as a view into the action around me and I loved blasting down alien ships as they tried to destroy me with their bombs. The other great aspect of AR Invaders is the ability to play in a Multiplayer mode.

Multiplayer Augmented Reality

This is the first game I’m aware of that features multiplayer augmented reality. The concept is one that I defiantly stand behind and can see taking off in future games. Playing games is always much more enjoyable when you’re doing it with someone instead of verses just a computer.


Overall I’d recommend checking out the game. Its an augmented reality game available for just $.99 and is one that the kids will defiantly be pleased with. My only grip is that I feel that I’m shooting straight up too often with the game, and my arms start to get tired. I’m guessing this is something an app update will fix easily in the future.

What augmented reality games are you into?