Augmented Reality and Designing your Perfect Room

Augmented Reality has become a huge force in the way we see the world today. With the ability to superimpose a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, augmented reality (AR) has provided users not only with entertainment, but with a new way to view our surroundings. And what better way to view our surroundings than by designing and seeing what our surroundings could be.

Through AR, users are able to see furniture present in the room, which can help you decide on the best styles for your living space. I’m excited to see companies like Joybird utilize this to help them complete the design process. The iPhone features several apps that use AR and Apple is releasing a tool called ARkit that will make AR available on all iOS systems.  So far, developers have been extremely positive about ARkit and are creating very visually compelling products.

Many also believe that Apple is in the process of building a glasses or other set of technology to fully take advantage off augmented reality being created by developers.  Similar to the way they released the iPad after securing a large library of apps on the iPhone.

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So, instead of trying to draw a mental map of what your want your room to look like, why not draw a virtual one with AR? See your choices right in front of you to decide on the best furniture through a convenient, interactive, and fun way to see the world (or the room) around you.

I’m excited to see how companies utilize this to help consumers make decisions.  I also hope they make it easy to take picture of the augmented reality to show others how a room will look with new decor via Instagram and get their feedback.   While others seem to be pushing full steam ahead with Virtual Reality, Apple may have a leg up with augmenting it.