App: Austin Food and Wine Festival Reviews

In addition to my high level of interest in Apple products, I’m also a huge fan of Food.   Combine that with the fact that my wife is convinced that Austin Texas is one of the greatest places on earth and you can imagine that I was excited to come across the Austin Food and Wine Festival recently.

What really gave me hope was when I checked the iPhone App Store and saw the festival even had an iPhone app for it’s participants.  The Austin Food and Wine Festival Reviews on the the iTunes Preview page were all positive showing me that the team behind the festival cares about making the entire experience a positive one for it’s participants.   I decided while I wait for the 2013 event this April, I’d download and review the iPhone app the Austin Food and Wine Festival team created.

Austin Food and Wine Festival Reviews

First off, the Austin Food & Wine Festival app is well designed and matches the overall branding the event has put together. Steve Jobs understood that the smallest details matter, and it seems that the team behind the festival understand this also. The App is designed to be a helpmate as you participate in the 3 day festival.

Austin Food and Wine Festival Review

Sections of the app include:

  • Schedule
  • Talent
  • Tickets
  • Map
  • Buzz
  • FAQ

The Buzz section of the app focuses on pulling information from Twitter that participants are saying while attending the festival. It doesn’t allow for you to communicate back through twitter but it is a great way to see when event participants believe something amazing is happening. If you’re on the other side of the festival and think you might be missing out on something, then check out the Buzz section to see what others are saying.

One thing I’m excited about is the fact that they’ve announced the Austin Food and Wine Festival Talent for 2013. The App also highlights what Chefs and other participants will be at the upcoming festival. The chefs seem to be some of the best talents in Austin and their profiles are highlighted in the iPhone app. This is important to me as I love finding out more about people that are participating and leading the event. The talent section includes a Bio and Link section for each of the Chefs and Talent participating in that year’s Food and Wine Festival.

Austin Food & Wine Festival Talent

Overall, I’m impressed with the quality of the Austin Food and Wine Festival app. The team behind it has paid attention to all the little details and made sure that what event participants will use during the festival will be a top of the line experience. I can’t wait for the 2013 festival and to use an updated app for this year.

Update: Just realized I didn’t cover the fact that the app didn’t have a way to check in with friends nearby. I guess you’ll have to coordinate via the Austin Food and Wine Festival area on yelp before the event to know where everyone is going to be syncing up.