A New Study Shows the Most Socially Connected States

Months into social distancing due to COVID-19, all Americans have been navigating a digital lifestyle.  Everything from meetings to birthdays to dating has been taken online turning daily routines into challenges to connect.  On the bright side, Americans certainly have plenty of practice with social networking which they have been … Read more

3 Tips for Better Smart Home Security

There’s always a need to feel secure in your home, and not having that feeling can be a consistent cause of stress for an individual or a family. With our ever-increasing technology, including many smart devices, there are more ways than ever to protect your home while you’re there and … Read more

iPhone + Google Voice + A-list = Win (Sort of)

While AT&T, Google, and Apple battle things out at the FCC, Google Voice and AT&T’s A-list make for an interesting combination (that probably is against AT&T’s rules). Last month, AT&T announced the A-list which allows qualifying AT&T customers the ability to assign up to 5 numbers, 10 on a family … Read more

The Little Search Box that Could

In the Case of the Slow Mac part 2, Spotlight and its background counterpart were eating up all the system memory. The obvious solution was to disable Spotlight. But without Spotlight, OS X takes a giant leap backward to before Tiger (OS X 10.3 anyone?) and leaves a gaping hole … Read more