Google Sync: Taking the iPlunge

Google recently announced they had licensed ActiveSync from Microsoft. The same ActiveSync that Apple licensed to bring you MobileMe for $99 a year. Well, you do get more with MobileMe, but Google isn’t charging anything either.  Also, with most of Google’s applications, it is considered beta software. But beta software … Read more

Much Ado About Viruses

There has been a lot of hoopla in the media and blogs of a much touted document Apple released regarding anti-virus software. As mentioned on the web and here, the document is no longer available from Apple’s website, but it is still in Google’s cache (for the time being). It … Read more

Peeking Under Your Mac’s Hood with Secrets

One of Apple’s selling points for its Macintosh Operating System is “it just works”. For the most part,that is true. Things just work and you go happily along being more productive while OS X takes care of all that stuff Apple thinks you needn’t worry about. Not only is Apple … Read more

iTunes 8.0 First Impressions

Having used the new version of iTunes 8.0 for a couple of hours, here are some of my initial thoughts. The thing I like best about the latest version of iTunes isn’t Genius, but rather the new visualizer. I found myself searching for songs that I wanted to see on … Read more

Having Fun with Simplifly Media

Simplify Media has been around for a while now. Recently, Simplify Media released their very own iPhone app on the App Store free to the first 100,000 downloads. The idea behind Simplify Media is that it expands on the built-in iTunes sharing by allowing you to share your library over … Read more

WordPress Plugin for iPhone

WordPress has released an app for the iPhone/iPod touch that allows you to post blog entries while on the go. If you use WordPress, head on over to the Appstore and pick It up and blog away.

iPhone, Text Messages, and “The Power”

According to demographics, I am too old to “get” SMS txting. That’s OK. I actually don’t want to get it. In fact, not having an SMS option is a compelling reason for me to want an iPhone. Why? There are few reasons. First, text messaging is a lot like email. … Read more

VirtualBox – Parallels on a Budget

Now that you’ve spent all your money on a nice new Mac, iPhone, Apple TV etc., your budget is starting to get very tight. But you still want to run Windows without Bootcamp, or check out that ubuntu thing that your geek friends talk about without spending any more cash. … Read more